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Rams Athletics

Rockville High School


Rams Athletics

Rockville High School

Rams Athletics

Rockville High School

Team News.

Team News

5 years ago @ 5:46AM

Cross Country Information for Fall 2015

Important Dates:

Tuesday, August 11th - 6 pm in auditorium for collection of forms. You cannot practice until all the necessary paperwork is submitted.

The necessary forms in order to participate can be found here:

Wednesday, August 12th - fall practice begins.  Your summer is over on August 12th!

If you have a summer job, it is important that you let your boss know that starting on August 12th you will begin cross country practice.  Schedule your work time after practice.  A better idea would be to terminate your summer employment on August 12.

Practice Wednesday, August 12th through Saturday, August 22nd 8:00 am. Meet on the Rockville HS track for warm-ups.  Practice will be every day except Sundays.

Monday, August 24 – First Day for teachers.  From Monday, August 24 through the end of the season practice will begin at 3:00 pm.  Meet on the track for warm-ups.


 A good resource is Hal Higdon’s website:  Click on training programs in the middle of the page. You should follow either the 5k intermediate or advanced training program.

Recruit your friends and run with them over the summer!!!  


 Other information:


1. Student-Athletes

a) Student-athletes shall review heat acclimatization and hydration information provided in the Health and Safety section of the Athletics web page of the MCPS website.

b) Coaches and athletic trainers will reinforce heat and hydration-related concerns with student-athletes.

c) Schools will display posters on proper hydration in locker rooms.

d) Student-athletes shall receive a 30-minute health and safety PowerPoint presentation at the beginning of the season. In addition to heat acclimatization and proper hydration, the health and safety PowerPoint addresses other important health and safety concerns.


2. Parents

a) If parents cannot access the website, the information will be available through the local school.  Parents shall review health and safety information, including information on heat acclimatization and hydration, provided on the MCPS athletics web.

b) Health and safety will be included on the agenda for coach-parent preseason meetings. Coaches are required to conduct preseason parent meetings
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